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Coffee History

The first reported appearance of coffee is in the year 850 in the region of Kaffa (hence its name) of Ethiopia.

In 1100 the coffee first trees are cultivated on the Arabian peninsula.  Coffee is first roasted and boiled by Arabs making "qahwa" --- a beverage made from plants.

Coffee enters Europe through the port of Venice. The first coffeehouse opens in Italy in 1654.

Coffee Facts

Processing the beans, or preparing them for roasting, is done in one of two ways: 1) the dry method, or 2) the wet method. 3,300 -- number of cups of coffee that are consumed each second worldwide.

6.3 million -- metric tons of coffee produced in the world in the 1999-2000 crop year.

25 million -- number of farmers who grow coffee worldwide, the majority on small-scale farms.

40--percentage of coffee-growing lands in Colombia, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean that are sun coffee plantations, where coffee is densely planted with little shade cover from native trees and doused with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

80 -- average milligrams of caffeine per cup of coffee.

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